Sep 05 2017

TWICS del 4 de Septiembre 2017.

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ames Section
FIDE World Cup 2017128 games
71st Moscow Blitz Final 2017191 games Speed Chess 201731 games
19th Sants Open 201737 games
10th Sabadell Open 201734 games
14th IGB Dato Arthur Tan Open 201753 games
21st Heraklion Open 201720 games
1st Innsbruck Open 2017185 games
28th Porto San Giorgio Open 201740 games
34th Collado Villalba 2017138 games
V Xeque Mate ao Verao Open 201763 games
1st Aftab Cup Open 201786 games
25th National Resistance Open 2017150 games
25th Poznan Chess Festival 201790 games
19th Trieste Festival 201731 games
First Saturday August 201713 games
Lidkoping Open 201721 games
Mondariz-Balneario IM 201745 games
North American Junior U20 201742 games
Quebec Open 2017139 games
ch-CAN Junior 2017136 games
Leonid Stein Memorial 201718 games
Ricany Open 2017255 games
Trinidad and Tobago International Open 2017191 games
ch-ENG Women 201725 games
ch-ESP w 2017117 games
Zirndorf Cup 2017257 games
Wuerttemberg Championship 201782 games
Asian Cities Teams 2017116 games
16th Premier League BIH 2017268 games
TCh-SRB Premier 2017108 games
3110 games

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