Oct 03 2017

TWICS del 2 de Octubre 2017.

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Games Section
FIDE World Cup 201718 games
chess.com Isle of Man International 2017189 games
2nd Yerevan Open 2017455 games
2nd Anogia GM-norm 201720 games
World Youth 20171527 games
ch-POR 201729 games
Satka Autumn 201735 games
Primorsko Open 201774 games
St Petersburg GM 201745 games
2nd Getxo Open 201721 games
3rd IF Payroll Rapid and Blitz 201772 games
Tatarstan Championship 201772 games
XXIII San Miguel de Trevias 201735 games
8th Biella Open 201760 games
190th MGU Open 201736 games
European Universities Chess Championship 201770 games
5th Basamro International 201748 games
5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games 2017279 games
Dutch League 2017-1820 games
TCh-FIN 2017-1880 games
Belgrade Premier League 2017180 games
Mitropa Cup 2017320 games
1st League Central SRB 2017251 games
Liga Nacional Superior 201730 games
3966 games

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