Oct 17 2017

TWICS del 16 de Octubre 2017.

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Games Section
33rd European Club Cup 2017660 games
2nd European Youth Grand Prix 201730 games
39th Arco Open 2017385 games
Almaty Open 201717 games
Stavanger Open 201743 games
ch-UKR Semi-Final 201716 games
43rd Guernsey Chess Festival 201711 games
92nd ch-ARG 201728 games
Negros Open 2017126 games
Odensemesterskabet 201730 games
Pankrac Cup 201744 games
ch-ESP Seniors 2017144 games
ch-LAT Women 201714 games
8th Hradec Kralove Open 201719 games
10th Maria Albulet Memorial 201750 games
1st Puchong Friday IM October 201745 games
Bolkhov Tournament 201778 games
Panchenko Memorial 201790 games
5th Wright Brothers Open 201729 games
Tatry Open 2017310 games
ch-UKR Rapid and Blitz 2017144 games
Texas Armed Forces Championship 201730 games
ch-KOS 201744 games
3rd World Chess Championship for Disabled 201727 games
Portuguese Associations’ Cup 201736 games
TCh-ROU League A 2017269 games
TCh-MNE Premier League 2017197 games
Dutch League 2017-1820 games
2936 games


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